Construction jobs are one of the most perilous fields there is in the world. The workers handle heavy duty jobs and they normally operate machines and execute their tasks using their bare hands.

Yes, there may be a number of protective gears which they are required to use but accidents simply happen. The work related injuries happen in an instant and they can either be mild or serious. In fact, a lot of construction workers have been decapitated.

The injuries often come as a result of the failures of the machinery ranging from the cranes, fork lifts, front end loaders, etc. Other injuries come around due to the lack of appropriate training for the staff, falling debris, defective safety equipment, the collapse of the structure itself, electrical fire, violation of the job precautions, and a lot others.

Construction sites being high risk venues

The construction site is a high risk place and the workers therein are primarily exposed to all of the types of hazards. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) actually makes it as a requirement that the construction employees should be provided with due safety gears and compensations because they somehow risk their own health and lives as they carry on with their jobs at the site.

The construction industry is a very dodgy profession due to the types of hazards that confront every individual.

The government imposes several regulations. However, even with these protective safety rules, they are only able to provide some meager amount to comfort the family of an accident victim.

Accidents happen either because the employers are too irresponsible or the workers themselves are too lax in applying the safety rules. Some contractors and subcontractors are sometimes also responsible for creating environments that are not safe for operatives.

The main responsibility of a construction company

Whatever type of construction company you are affiliated with, you must realise that your employer and the rest of the high officials are held liable in educating their workers regarding the right safety precautions that need to be taken.

It is also the employer’s responsibility to employ all the necessary safety rules that adhere to the government’s provisions.

Most common injuries and mishaps at construction sites

The following are part of the typical accidents that take place in the construction venues.

  • The musculoskeletal disorders of the back, neck, and the upper extremities
  • The workers who are struck by falling objects or even some machinery
  • The employees getting pinned up against the wall by any motor vehicle or machinery
  • The workers being caught by any machinery
  • Slips and falls on any of the construction site levels
  • Motor vehicle injuries
  • Structural collapses
  • Electrocution
  • Electric fire
  • Serious burns
  • Head and spinal injuries

These are just among the common things that happen to the very unlucky workers. Most of them fall as victims simply because of their negligence or of other people’s.

The right thing to do after an injury

If you or any of your coworkers have been injured while at work, it is necessary to get in touch with an injury lawyer at once. He or she is the right person who can help you out in the proceedings of your case. You need guidance as you take a close look at the insurance policy claims and in identifying the involved parties who are to be held liable for your injury.

Although no one wishes for any mishap to happen at any construction site, it is very important to prepare for the worse by getting the help of a professional who will look after your interest when the worse happens.

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